TUFO ELITE PULSE tubular & tubular clincher

Use time trial, tri events, hill climbs
Size 700 x 22 / 700 x 25
Weight* 700 x 23 230 grams / 700 x 25 280 grams
TPI 210 / 375 threads per inch
Pressure 115/220 psi
Protection Belt  Puncture resistant layer
Casing Priority
Rubber tread silica tread compound
Inner tube None tubeless construction
Valve 40mm
Mileage Dependent on riding conditions & riders weight

* manufacturer's claimed weight

Tufo's top of the line time trial / light weight road tire. The tire's shape is designed for minimal aerodynamic frontal area, features a smooth tread / sidewall transition. The fine tread pattern along with the specially formulated tread compound  (silica + VP SI 363) provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions along with excellent rolling resistance. Tire construction features a puncture resistant ply over a protective rubber ply, it also incorporates Tufo CRCA technology. Low weight combined with excellent puncture resistance and a high tread count construction makes this 1 extremely attractive tire.

$69.95 each  PURCHASE TIRES


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